inaugural post of the conscious taste.



“One who regards with equanimity the happiness and distress of all others as if it were their own is considered the best of yogis” – Bhagavad Gita 6, 32

Welcome to the inaugural post of the conscious taste.

So how and what does it mean to be conscious?

There are many ways to be conscious. To be conscious is to be present – aware of cause and effect in your life. Not being perfect, but stopping to think that “If I do this, what impact will it have? on the planet; on other beings ? – be they of the human or animal variety; and on my immediate environment and beyond. When we are in a state of heightened consciousness we are kinder to ourselves, each other, the planet & all of our fellow souls.

What do we mean when we say taste?

Taste can mean so many things. Taste in food. Taste in fashion. Taste in beauty products. Taste in makeup looks. How our tastes can evolve over time. Taste is all of these things, and yet so much more – it’s a means by which we experience and perceive the world. Our journey will explore many nuances of taste, the conscious, and ultimately the conscious taste.

My muse and I invite you along on our journey at the conscious taste – we hope to provoke thought and have some fashionable fun doing it.


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