revealed!…the secret to the perfect winged eyeliner.

Oh perfect winged liner..Why must you be so unattainable in our heads?  This is really what comes to mind, even after 15 years of trying to perfect it.  The first key to debunking this thought is to remember is that is never going to be 100% perfect and that’s ok.  The second key is to learn the simple steps so that it doesn’t have to be such a difficult task to master over time.  And last but not least the third key is practice.  Just like anything else you want to master, trying to perfect it takes a lot of practice.


First things first. Become conscious. How?  Take 5 deep breaths each one being longer than the last.  Relax your body because this will help you not only maintain a steady hand when applying your liner but it will also help “untense” and relax the many tiny little muscles in your face that will allow for the smooth application of your makeup.

Lets start with an eye shadow base.  I find using a base is great because most of us have a little redness on our lids which can make us look tired.  Using a base cuts out any discoloration and it can be applied with something as simple as your finger.  Also if you wanted to add shadow on top they make your shadows more vivid and longer lasting.  I love the Cargo HD picture perfect shadow primer and the Dior mono fusion cream shadow in Chemire #821. In the above picture I’m wearing the Dior primer.  It works great as a primer as well if you need a 1 minute eye look.  Put this on with some mascara and you can be out the door in no time.


Now let’s tackle the liquid liner.  Winged liner is my absolute favorite look on anyone including myself.  I feel most like me when I wear it and personally it’s easier for me to apply than shadow.  Before you start, remember you do not have to draw the entire line at once and hope you get it right.  Draw little lines and connect them all.  One may be a bit thicker, one thinner… just go back and thicken the thinner spots and tweak where you need to.  The outside corner, where the wings happen…is the most daunting for most.  For me, I let my head fall back and pull out the liner from the corner of my eye as though I would be drawing where my eye would continue.  That way it’s following the same shape and lines.  I find doing it this way also looks most natural, which I like.  e3

In the above pic it looks like the line is going up, but if I were to tilt my head back it would flow with my eye shape, which you will see at the end.  So complete this line, and don’t be afraid to go out a little further than you’re comfortable with.  Because remember you want your look to be impactful, yet subtle…my kind of look.  Next take your liner, and from the end of your liner draw back to your eyeball so that the two connect as you can see in the picture.  Remember if you go in too thick somewhere you can always take a dampened q-tip and touch things up in the end. Don’t feel defeated if you’re not happy right away because once you get mascara on, you may impress yourself as it really completes the look.


A rule of thumb I always have is to go a little thinner in the inner corner of the eye and gradually go thicker.  If you’re going out and want it to be a little more dramatized you can go really thick on the end and glam up your look.  That’s why I love the winged liner look.  You can make it super natural and go thin and short, or go really glam and go thicker and longer.  So much versatility with one touch of a pen.  Once you’ve connected your lines, tweaked your thin and thicker spots and your happy with your “line” its time to line the “tightline” aka the waterline.


Lining the waterline kind of freaks people out so let me make it simple for you.  Doing this will change your life.  You will never be able to go out without it after you’ve tried it once.  It makes your lashes look longer, your eyes look bigger & more awake, emphasizes the colour of your eyes…my list could go on.  Have I convinced you yet?! I hope so.  For the winged liner look it is absolutely necessary as if you weren’t going to line it, your look will not look complete as you will see bare skin in between your lashes and the skin under that.  The key is with lining the water line is to have an smooth and soft liner that is waterproof so that you don’t look like a tired raccoon by the end of the day.  So just take your liner, ( I like to tilt my head back when I do this ) and just wiggle it in all of the places where you see skin.  At the end, between your liquid and smudgy liner you will be left with no skin showing….only a gorgeous lined eye.


Voila! Here is the look and you can see the mascara really finishes it off and even if you felt like your lines weren’t even on both sides, the mascara really hides any mistakes.  I love this look and I hope my steps have made you feel comfortable enough for you to try yourself!


These are the products I used for this easy look.  Having the right tools is really important to make your job easier in the process and so that your look will stay on as long as you want it to.  Hit me up on Insta @theconscioustaste or in the comments below with any comments or questions.

From left to right :

Fusion : XXL LASH FUSION, Stila : Stila smudge stick in stingray, Stila : Stila stay all day liquid liner in black, Dior : Dior mono fusion creme shadow in Chemire 821.


Namaste. My muse and I.


All photos by Iulia Agnew, photographer in Vancouver BC.

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