conscious classic fashion…

Fashion has always been a huge part of my life… And it would definitely be an understatement to say that my style has evolved drastically over the years.  I would say now I consciously choose to buy less & more classic pieces that last and never go out of style.  I never used to think about how buying trendy things was not only bad for the environment but how having so much clutter around us effects our energy every day as well.

Here are a few key things I live by when making a purchase and a few key things that I think are must haves in every closet…


There are 5 important pieces that I will have in my closets at all times.  They are :  A good sweater that can work as a jacket for our Vancouver weather, a good pair of nice fitting black pants, interchangeable t-shirts, classic gold jewlery ( I love gold ) and a wicked pair of flats & booties.


T-shirts are really important to me.  I find over the years they are what I wear the most as they are always in style, they are comfy and you can layer on top of them.  I am on the go a lot and need to be able to take off and put on layers in the car, in stores etc and they really make my life a lot more comfortable because lets admit, as we get older…this is more and more important.  I’m all about the comfort.  I usually have about 5-8 t-shirts on the go in different colours and textures as the material really matters.  I buy quality over quantity and I am honest when I say some of them last me 5-10 years.  I take really good care of them and figure why buy new ones if they still work and if I still love them…no one needs to know hehe.


Sweaters, oh sweaters.  I love them because I’ve realized over the years that I hate wearing bulky jackets.  Sweaters are just so cozy and if you get ones that can act as jackets well then you’ve scored.  I have a few on the go all year round in neutral colours because even in the summer there can be some cool nights where a sweater is all you need to keep you warm on your long beach walks by the stars.


Jewelry is one of my favourite ways to glam up a look.  Adding something really simple can completely change your outfit in a subtle, beautiful way.  I love gold everything and I absolutely love to layer my jewelry.  I love chic pieces that never go out of style and go with everything I love to wear.  Statement rings with mesmerizing gemstones are my most favourite pieces to wear. The more the better!


Black pants…  I probably wear black pants 5 out of the 7 days in the week.  I’ll switch my tops, but I don’t switch my pant colours as they are just easy and who says black is boring? I think it’s classic & beautiful as it features other colours & gold perfectly.  I love a skinny black jean or a looser style fit that is fitted at the waist and the ankles.  Both comfy and both go with pretty much everything I own.

Flats & booties.  Most of the time, I’m in comfy black flats…but if I feel like changing it up a bit, I’ll wear comfy booties – high or low.  I’m not a shoe addict.  I know, you girls out there are probably like WTF.  No, never have been.  I just really like to have about 3-5 shoes on the go all year round that I rotate and I’m happy with that.  All my shoes / boots / sandals are classic so they go with everything.   I think having thousands to choose from would just really stress me out so I’ll stick with having less options.  Saves time in the morning anyways & less goes in the landfill when their time is done.


I have come to the place in my life where I consider what the impact of every purchase I make will have on the environment.  Fashion is included in this because all of our purchases end up somewhere at the end of their useful lives.  I don’t want to just buy something and a few months later decide I don’t like it so it ends up in a landfill which is why I choose to buy classic, quality pieces that last years and years.

These kinds of things keep me up at night. Everything we do has a cause and effect & I don’t want to ever be supporting something that is harmful to the planet.  wherever possible, i try to  I can make a difference, no matter how small.  “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever does.” – Margaret Mead

Sweater : Vince,  Black pants : JBrand,  T-shirts : Vince,  Jewelry : Kvbijou,  Booties : Rag & Bone.

Namaste, my muse and I.

Photographs by Iulia Agnew, of Vancouver, BC.

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