how to choose the right shade of blush…

Choosing the right blush…It can be overwhelming at the best of times. The right blush can make you look younger, brighten any skin tone & even create the illusion of cheekbones!  Here are some tips to find the perfect one for you.


To keep things as simple as possible I’m going to choose the main 3 skin tones ; fair, medium & dark that of course have many shades in between but with these 3 you can guide your way around to find which tone you are most comfortable with.


Fair.  A lot of ladies with fair skin tones are afraid of wearing blush for fear of looking like a clown.  Understandable, but for the fair skinned ladies it is more  important for them to wear it as they have the tendancy to look very pale and washed out without it.  A little can go a long way.  If you’re fair, they key thing to remember is to stick with soft pink and peachy shades.  Both of these tones will be super flattering and if you’re wondering which tone to go with just remember if you are a more pinky undertone stick with a soft pink tone and if you are a more yellowy undertone stick with peachy tones.  The direct picture below is a blush by Cargo in shade Tonga, one of my personal faves for everyday wear.  It flatters every look and just really enhances ones natural skin tone.


Medium.  In the medium skin tone range there are a wide rang of shades to choose from.  This tone could go from a soft apricot, to mauve…to soft berry.  For me the key when choosing a medium skin toned blush is to choose a medium tone, nothing too dark.  That sounds really obvious, but for example a full out deep berry toned blush would be way too harsh looking.  But a softer berry would look stunning. “Mauvey” & berry tones will give depth to medium skin and a soft apricot will give warmth.  You choose depending on the look you are going for.  If you chose a warmer apricot shade you could go heavier on the rest of your makeup as the warmth of this blush would give a soft & fresh look.  If you chose mauve or berry you could do a beautiful cat eye with a soft berry lip.  Beautiful.

The shade in the picture below is by Nars in Amore and I love it on a warmer skin tone to really bring out the cheekbones and freshen up any look.


Dark.  Dark skin tones are really quite simple & easy.  Just remember those with dark skin tones shouldn’t be intimidated by deep blush shades.  This tone needs highly pigmented, bold shades or they will look muddy and won’t even show up.  I love using a deep rose tone in a cream to really enhance their glow and the below blush in the picture is one of my faves.  It’s Stila convertible lip and cheek in Rose.  It adds a stunning pop of colour on the cheeks and lips and really ties together any look in minutes.  Throw it in your purse for quick touch ups when you’re on the go as they are also finger friendly.  I find they actually work better with the fingers as the product really melts into the skin and looks more natural.


So give your apprehensions about blush shades a vacation & get excited about trying something new.  I have a few more last tips before you go on your blushing journeys.  Remember that not all shimmer is bad.  Shimmer and sparkle are not the same and a slight shimmer can actually look beautiful and really add a flattering glow to any skin tone.  Fair to dark!  Also make sure you feel the texture before purchasing.  I really love a soft, buttery, glowing texture & look as it will read the same on your skin.  If it feels chalky, it will look chalky.  While you might be used to going with what you are most comfortable with, don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone a little & have a few shades on the go but deep down if you know you are never going to wear it, don’t buy it.  We all have those products in our makeup cases that we had good intentions of wearing but never have and never will.  Being wasteful, well that’s neither conscious or in good taste.  c15


Happy blushing ladies.

Namaste, my muse and I.

Select photographs by Iulia Agnew, of Vancouver, BC.

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