cholesterol and cruelty free milk. It is possible!

We are a little obsessed with smooth, creamy and natural almond milk.  Not only is it super healthy, it’s also super easy and once you try this recipe…you’ll be as obsessed as we are. And the best parts? It’s both cholesterol and cruelty free, and tastes amazing.  You won’t feel like you have a coat of paint on your tongue after you drink it – like you do with cow’s milk, and your cholesterol numbers & your heart will thank you.

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1 cup raw almonds ( make sure your almonds are raw and not roasted, very important )

1 L filtered water

3 pitted dates ( if you want some sweetness ) or maple syrup

1/2 tsp himalayan salt

1 tsp vanilla

1/2 tsp cardamom ( optional but we highly suggest it )



Step 1. Soak your one cup of raw almonds in a bowl of water overnight so your almonds get  nice and soft.


Step 2.  Now that your almonds are soaked, put them in a strainer and rinse water over them so they are ready to go into your blender!  Next, add them into your blender –  we highly suggest a high powered blender like Vitamix as your almond milk will be much smoother and the process will be much quicker.


Step 3. Add your flavour!  We like ours a little sweet so we add a little maple syrup, salt and cardamom but definitely choose your sweetness & spices to your liking.

Step 4.  Add your litre of water to your blender and blend all of your ingredients on high for at least 2 minutes.  It will be very smooth & creamy once done so you will know when it’s finished.

Step 5.  Time to strain your almond milk.  Once it’s blended it will be a little thick so now is the time where you grab your old t-shirt or your nut milk bag.  Take a larger bowl, and put your shirt or nut bag over the bowl and pour about 1/4th of the milk over it.  Next, grab the edges of your shirt or bag and squeeze all of the milk out.  Then repeat 1/4 more, 1/4 more and 1/4 more until all of your nut milk is strained and then store in a litre sized glass jar with a sealed lid.  Your fresh almond milk should last for at least 5-6 days!  It’s so delicious you’ll be making it once a week because the store bought just won’t make the cut after you’ve tried this delicious nut milk.


Step 6.  This step is optional as you may or may not want to make almond pulp crackers.  If you do, take your pulp, mix in some spices, salt and pepper of choice and roll out onto a large cookie sheet lined with parchment paper.  The thickness should be about 1/4 of an inch.  Preheat your oven to 350F and bake for 15 – 20 mins.  Please note some other recipes will say to add oil, but we choose to not add oil as they are delicious without it, much more nutrient dense, kinder to your health, & lower in calories.

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Now go grab a glass of your almond milk, and drink it fresh or pour it over your favourite granola.  Your tastebuds will be so satisfied and we will say, it’s hard to make this last for 5-6 days as we usually finish it in a few.  We’ve been making double batches to keep our addiction satisfied and we bet you’ll do the same.  Enjoy and happy nut milk making!

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Namaste.  My muse and I.

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