Two ingredient, indigestion fighting Tea.

Ever have those times where your stomach was feeling a little off ? Lately we’ve been taking up a many thousand year old tradition of making a simple tea – using a plant that has been used by Yogis, and in ancient Indian Ayurvedic traditions – to combat many ailments including indigestion..  Drinking fresh mint tea.  No complex ingredients that you can’t pronounce here.  The recipe is as simple as it gets – boiled water and a handful of fresh mint leaves.

Tired of that gassy, bloated feeling after you eat and have to succumb to opening the button on your pants?  Ya – we know. Well read on to see how you can “de-bloat” and feel your best, ASAP.


Mint leaves are natural aromatic decongestants which helps to clear up your sinuses, relieving nausea and headaches also.  Certain to be in high demand with these nasty flu / cold bugs going around.

Antioxidants have been a big buzz for the last few years and drinking an easy to make cup of this tea will give you a huge antioxidant boost as it has one of the highest antioxidant levels of any food!

The big one for us is that this tea helps promotes digestion, “de-bloats” and helps sooth the stomach in cases of indigestion or inflammation.  That uncomfortable and sometimes painful feeling that can sometimes last hours, can be quickly gone and relieved with one cup.

Need help sleeping?  Drink a cup before bed and you will feel relaxed and ready to catch lots of zzzz’s; as being a natural stimulant – it can help in sleeping and with depression.  It is also anti – pruritic so it helps clear up acne, pimples and infections.

Lastly, grab yourself a cup mid day to help you stay alert while working and to help retain things you need to remember!

Have we convinced you yet?  Beyond just having minty fresh breath – mint tea is a simple pleasure with many healthful properties.  So go ahead – enjoy this aromatically pleasing & relaxing natural tea, while drinking up a whole bunch of side benefits, too!


Namaste.  My muse and I.

Photos by Iuila Agnew of Vancouver, BC.

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